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same for you Jeanmm131美女做爽爽爱视频

same for you Jeanmm131美女做爽爽爱视频

They parked their van in an alley and not one person has noticed my car. I can tell they’re waiting for their door man to let them in. I’m looking at an abandoned office outside downtown and while they transition and talk I go through my travel bag.-Silenced 9mm with Holster-Combat knife with blacked blade to prevent glare-Balaclava or as you call them ski mask-Kevlar vest with second chance plate-Two reloads for the pistol, probably won’t need them but taking anyway-Dark green turtleneck-Reinforced combat boots-Forearm impact armor and shin guards Armor goes under the clothes save for the shin guards over my jeans; turtleneck is for exposed skin along with the Balaclava. I move around the far side of the building and up the smaller alley to the corner and listen as they pull Guy from the van. “He went down easy and no tails,” one of the three loading Guy says as they head inside. “Hey I thought he was a criminal, I’ve seen this kid. My daughter and son both go to school with him,” the man at the door says causing the other three to pause,” What are you into because I’m not signed on for killing a kid.” “You signed on and will get paid with the rest of us Mitch,” the driver tells him as Guy disappears into the building,” Just stay out here and keep watch, we’ll get everything else set up and then we’ll be paid and down the road, think of your payday and shut up.” I wait till the three are out of sight and watch the doorman; he’s muttering to himself and has some serious doubts. His back turns from me and it’s nothing to quietly cover the distance and place the silenced pistol against his head. “Left hand to your weapon, remove it with two fingers and set in on the pavement,” I quietly order and he complies,” How many inside?” “Five plus the guy paying, so six total,” Mitch informs me quietly. “You know these men,” I ask side stepping around him so that he can see me, pistol in my right and knife in my left. “Some, well just one and he’s not a cop. I am and if you shoot me…,” Mitch starts in but I cut him with a motion. “If I kill you I dispose of you in a manner that leaves you a missing person, I can do it, I have done it, you will not be found. Now you are a cop, is anyone else in there a cop,” I ask this time noting his 5’9” and stocky build. “No, some kicked out for personal problems like stealing evidence and roughing up a suspect I gather. I only know one and he’s a big fuck up too,” Mitch tells me lowering his hands a little. “You want to do the right thing and make some money,” I ask getting a nod,” Stay here and wait for me to come back.” I see Mitch nod slowly and I allow him to pick up his sidearm before he opens the back door to the building and I’m inside. Standard offices and cubicles, stairs at the middle for centralized entry and exit; it’s a simple design when I hear some talking about sports. I press on the location quietly and see two men, ones who unloaded the van sharing a flask of something. I move to the side of the stairs and out of sight as one makes his way towards me, I let him pass and once he’s ten feet past me I move on his ‘friend’ who is staring at his phone. Pistol up and one shot to the upper right temple from my angle drops him before I turn after the walker. He’s oblivious as he heads back towards the door; I hook my right arm around his head and give him a 1-2-3 of downward thrusts with the knife to his upper chest and neck before lowering his body to the ground. There is a gurgling noise but otherwise nothing as I head back to the stairs. No turn on the stairs and I’m up quietly as I hear two men moving containers with liquid while another is talking to what I assume is the boss. They’re discussing money and I let one of the men hauling liquid walk past and check his friend who is placing two containers in a nearby office. I take the second man while he’s in the room with quick shoulder grab spinning him around to face me before bringing the knife into his temple. I put myself against the doorway as the first man comes back. “Hey Barry hurry up man I’m not moving all this fuel myself,” I hear the first man tell his now dead partner. I let the man turn his back to me and put one in the back of his skull while he’s entering the room and quick dash across the hall to catch and lower the body. It’s not easy to do but if you’re fast you can pull it. I feel rusty as I’m still looking at two men left and cut the lights in the area so that it’s darker. My eyes adjust fine and I make my way down the hall before I hear the remaining two talking again. “We doped him up but he’ll be aware in a few hours, detox will suck a lot for the kid,” the driver, Mitch’s friend, tell his boss. “He won’t be alive long enough to detox,” I hear an older man state and I’m gauging location through the drywall. “Yeah about that, Mitch downstairs recognized the kid. He’s not a criminal like you said and while the rest of us are fine with a paying job he’s a bit skeptical now,” I hear the driver state. “Fine then we make Mitch see reason, go get him up here and I’ll put him negotiate with him,” I hear the boss state and the driver agrees. I let the driver get into the hall and as he’s coming towards me I put a bullet in his ear from the doorway. This body I let hit the ground and I can hear ‘boss’ asking what’s going on, I cut across the hall and through an open office to watch him exit and look around. He’s moving up on his driver’s body and I’m flanking around him, he’s got a simple revolver in his hand. I give him a shot to the back of the knee and he screams before dropping to the ground. I kick the revolver down the hall away from him and as he starts to crawl I shoot the other leg getting another scream. “You were going to burn the building down with him in it alive,” I state to the boss with my own weapon trained on him. “Fuck this hurts, who are you,” He asks in reply. “Someone highly vested in that young man’s future, now answer the question,” I state again. “Yeah, he thinks he’s above the law and he needs to burn like he burned my career,” he spits trying to stop the bleeding in his legs. “Sounds like that will be good enough for you as well then, you’ll have as much chance as he would have had,” I tell him as I step into the room where Guy is. The boy is messed up, he’s semi conscious and not outwardly injured but he’s basically immobile and I have to pick him up and carry him on my left shoulder. I exit the office and see the ‘boss’ leaning against the wall trying to get to an exit or even to his weapon. I start to walk past him down the hall and pause before turning. “Former Captain Phillip Miller, right,” I ask and see him nod like it’ll help,” I said you’d have his chances if I’m correct?” “Yes,” he replies starting to crawl again. I raise my pistol and put one in his chest dropping him down to the floor, I watch him roll to his back and move over him aiming at his face. Another round of ammo dispensed into his head and I make my way down the stairs back to the door I entered. I see Mitch standing there quietly but he looks up shocked as I walk out with Guy slung over my shoulder. “Take him and place him in the back seat of the car parked one alley over,” I tell him handing him my set of car keys,” Wait by the car till I arrive and Mitch, I don’t want to look for you.” I see him nod and watch him carry Guy out of the back lot and towards my vehicle. Back inside it’s a simple matter of dumping fuel around and on bodies and taking a burner cell phone from now deceased former Captain Miller. I recognize the smell of homemade napalm; it’s simple and will burn for a good long while. Spreading it around is easy and I’m sure to not get any on me as I walk container to the middle of the top floor and after placing a rag in the spout and lighting it I exit the building with haste. There is a good pop from the container bursting but other than that the fire itself spreads easily. I find my car where I left it with Mitch leaning against the passenger side of my car. “Identification,” I tell him as I holster my pistol and knife. I watch him as he hands me his driver’s license and I note the address on it before handing it back. He looks at me confused and I figure I’ll need to explain. “You weren’t here, you were out getting groceries, you were at a bar, you were on the other side of the planet. You never saw a man like me, you never saw the boy in the back, you will be paid for not being here and you will be paid for not seeing us. If you were here and you did see us I will find you and burn your house down around you, do we understand each other,” I ask in a cold tone. “I get you, I don’t want to see you again either,” Mitch says to me before I have to stop him from leaving. “Payment will be in the mail in a week,” I tell him before letting go. I’m back in my car and down the road a good distance before getting out and making some adjustments. First comes off comes the body armor, weapons are stowed along with harness; I change back into my polo shirt and put the turtleneck away. Finally I put the license plates back on, it’s a small thing for some but big when Mitch is a cop and could have noted the numbers for later. When all of that is done I check on Guy a little more thoroughly. He’s still disoriented and barely conscious but he’s unharmed. I leave him lying down in the back seat on our way back and once in the driveway I calmly step out of the car and carry him up to the door in my arms kicking it with my feet to knock. Katy is the one who answers the door and as she sees me with Guy in my arms she starts to panic and ask question. “Holy shit Dad what the hell happened to Guy,” Katy asks as I step inside past her. “He is fine, Katy I need you to call Imelda and the two of you need to head back down to the store,” I tell them which one as I’m heading towards Guy’s bedroom,” and pick up his bike along with the groceries.” “Neal what is going on,” I hear Jean ask as I pass the dining room. “Jean, Guy is going to need a lot of fluids and probably a hot bath in an hour or so,” I tell her not stopping as I open the door to my son’s room. I get him set down and now I have women, several upset women asking me a million questions. Not a million different questions just the same questions over and over in different wordings. “STOP TALKING,” I have to raise my voice but all of them quiet,” Now I need you to get on the phone Katy andcall Imelda, Jean I need you and Gwen to get the bath ready for Guy so he can relax as peacefully and delicately as possible.” “Why does he need to relax,” Loretta asks concerned. “Because he’s been drugged, now would everyone please get helping and stop talking,” I state stepping past the assembled six women and back out to the car. I grab my bag from the passenger seat where I left it and bring it back in the house. I leave it in the gym for now and take a shower with lye soap. Lye is good for getting pretty much the world off your skin and now I need it. I’m emotionally fine, that’s what is going to disturb everyone the most and I figure I’ll need to sit them all down and explain the basics of what happened tonight. I was actually parking at the store when I saw it happen, Jean texted me with something special she wanted for Guy. I forgot to grab it but considering I would have lost the people grabbing my son or had to explain a passed out boy in the back seat I figured ice cream can wait. I exit the shower and change into the sweat pants and t shirt I grabbed and as I’m trying to put them away in the laundry room I find myself being flanked by the wives, ex and current. “Neal you need to talk to us about what we’re seeing, Guy is messed up and the girls need to get his bike. You’re showering in the evening which never happens. You have a bag that I don’t recognize and now it’s in the locked gym,” Jean is a little tense as she’s speaking while I load my clothes into the wash,” Neal what happened?” “There was a problem, I took care of the problem, Guy is home safe,” I tell the two of them in a calm tone. “What problem could have my son, OUR son drugged and generally messed up like this,” Loretta asks getting angry. “Loretta don’t ask me to tell you, same for you Jean,” I tell them continuing to hold onto my calm. “Why shouldn’t we know,” Jean asks and bow my head. “Because then I’d tell you, I’d tell you everything. When I was done telling you everything I’d be packed and out the door in fifteen minutes. I’d be gone in an hour and out of the country in less than twelve. I’d do this not because I don’t love you but because I’d have to so that all of my family would be protected,” I tell them and watch as Loretta’s face takes a slightly horrified look while Jean’s is more understanding. “Are they coming back for him,” Jean asks being the first one to speak. “No, but I need money, a couple grand mailed to a decent man,” I tell them and Loretta takes down the details. I watch Loretta leave the laundry room leaving Jean and I to stand in the quiet. She moves me away from the washer and adds more clothes before starting the machine. I can tell she’s processing everything and while there aren’t a lot of details what she does have are a bit staggering. I don’t let people push me around but when my 5’9” wife with her more than ample motherly features presses me against the dryer and kisses me harder now then we’ve had in a few years I take a moment to adjust before wrapping my arms around her. It’s a deep kiss and finally she breaks from me and I see her smile. “You are a good father and a good man, now if I ever see you try to put bleach in my white load again I will make you sleep on the couch,” Jean tells me before exiting the laundry room. At some point all of my son’s fiancés make their way over to my house and it’s Katy who stops the million questions from starting again as I sit in my chair and eat dinner while watching ESPN. Imelda comes back into the room and sits down with myself and Matty as we’ve been watching. “Imelda dear, would you call some of that family of yours and let them know that Jun will be in contact with them about a location for that boy down there who’s been financing the assault into my son’s personal life,” I ask not looking away from the television. “I can sir, is everything alright,” She asks and I nod,” How are you going to find Romeo?” “They were smart with the burner phones but I figure if I hand the one I found this evening to that boy Jun he’ll be able to get some sort of location off of it,” I tell them as I flip to the news. “Breaking news now, a derelict office building in the downtown area is engulfed in flames. Local fire officials are on scene now and have contained the blaze however they are having trouble putting the flames out,” A female newscaster is reporting and while I look only slightly interested the two girls in the room are watching intently. Everyone eats some form of dinner and my son’s fiancés take turns with him over the hours with his soak in salts and generally keep him from being too hot or cold. At one point I have Elizabeth, who has Jun on the phone, use her computer to find out the basics of the information on the phone before he says it’s good and I promptly pull the battery and destroy the device. I’m told it will take time before we have anything concrete but I’m not a technophile like the kids but Jun’s backed up my son on enough occasions that they’ll run with whatever he finds and finish this out. I’ve been out of action for seven years now, granted I’ve been retired from the service for a almost a decade but I’ve haven’t had to dust off the skills since Jean’s ex came running around with intentions that I didn’t like. That’s a story for another time. As the evening winds on Guy’s bath goes as well as it can be expected with a hundred and seventy pounds of flesh that can barely move and thinks the pretty ladies are well, pretty. They get him settled down and I figure tomorrow will be a hard day for my son but he’ll pull through. I settle into bed alone as Jean is up and working on something in the other end of the house. She’s not upset by my stern tone earlier and when I had to give them vague details about what happened she was the one who backed me, mental note get her roses. I’m almost asleep in my boxer shorts when Jean comes into the room waking me with her presence. I’m groggy and looking to roll over and cuddle my wife but as soon as I’m on my back a pair of lips are on mine. It’s nice to get a soft kiss goodnight but this isn’t it, usually when she kisses me like this it’s because we’re taking a weekend for ourselves at a cabin so Jean can scream her lungs out. When she does break our kiss it’s to move down my body quickly and it’s a matter of seconds till she engulfs me with her mouth after pulling me out of my boxer shorts. I have no clue what got into my wife or why this is coming around but if she wants to risk the kids hearing us, we’ve heard them before, then hell with her rules. Normally a blowjob from Jean is a slow and steady process, tonight she is on fire and making damn sure I get fully erect before pulling her mouth off of me. I don’t really have time to move or adjust as she takes position mounting the erection she worked at producing and with almost no effort slams her hips down onto me. I can finally see that she’s got on a simple black slip and nothing else. To describe my wife as full figured would be like describing a sun as warm, she is ample all around and cuddling her is well worth the price of admission. Loretta when we were married was never one to have a lot of curves but Jean’s deep brunette hair is cascading down around her breasts and as I’m watching her confused, enjoying the hell out of my situation, but confused she smiles. “Better let you have the full show huh,” Jean says smiling before letting the straps on the slip fall. When we first met I saw her eyes, followed shortly after by her breasts. Two large and more than a man can handle meaty and big nippled breasts that scream ‘hold me, kiss me’ and I do just that by grabbing one with my hand and rubbing her nipple between my fingers which I know she likes. With the barest of stimulation to her breasts Jean goes from settling in to a grinding against me back and forth. We haven’t had sex like this since the New Year mostly due to a lot of young people running around our place and Jean’s apprehension to let people in the house hear her tonight seems to be a different Jean as she continues her hard grind. “Oh God you fill me so fucking good, give me that good dick husband. I want that good dick,” Jean moans a little louder than normal. I pinch her nipple and the grinding stops as she shifts her hips and begins slamming herself down onto me hard and deep. I feel good and pull Jean closer to me so that I can suck on her nipple which immediately has her moaning louder and slam her hips down onto me hard and fast. I feel warm and familiar but something is off for me and even though she’s moaning I feel like one of us is holding back, it’s too late to change up anything right now as I feel her tighten on me and one final slam downward as my loving wife reaches her peak and collapses on top of me. Jean is panting for breath and after a few moments rolls off top of me and that is when I get to spring into action. She doesn’t realize what I’m doing with pillows but when I roll her onto her stomach with her ass in the air she starts to protest, well weakly protest. “Neal no, I’ll wake everyone in the house,” my wife groans as I rub my penis against her womanhood. “Well then honey I suggest you use that damn pillow and bite down,” I reply smiling. She got me riled up and I don’t feel like waiting to have my turn but I give her a chance to grab the pillow under her head as I slam down into her waiting pussy. She’s so much tighter like this and I waste no time giving her the pounding she deserves. Jean is hot and wet while almost screaming into the pillow and as my hips make a slapping sound against her meaty ass. Taking her hard like this has her clamping down on me as I’m going for broke when my own orgasm takes over and I grunt hard and hear what sounds like a crying scream from Jean as I ensure that no part of her insides are without a bit of me covering them. I give us a minute before pulling out of my loving wife and flopping down onto the bed to relax. I hear her giggle to herself at something that has to be amusing and I smile as she finally rolls to her side to look at me after pulling her hair out of her face. “Okay so we can’t do this all the time but after what you probably did tonight I needed to get me some super manly husband,” Jean tells me with a big smile. “I didn’t do anything big tonight honey,” I tell her, it’s a lie but I need to lie. “Like when my ex was coming around after we started dating and he was acting like a creep then all of a sudden he’s in the hospital with two broken feet and matching broken hands,” Jean says moving over me,” And you were perfectly fine with a few of your friends and your son at the time of the incident.” “I had nothing to do with your ex,” another lie but again, need to. “And you don’t think that the first time I let you into my bed was right after that is a coincidence,” Jean tells me and now I’m a bit surprised,” You protected me. I knew liked a man who can take care of me, that means all of me and besides it’s not like I wanted his creepy ass around anyway.” She figured out a bit about me, never thought anyone would but if anyone should it’s her. I’m not sure how to fully handle that but considering it puts her in a good mood, a really good mood, I let it go and we settle in for sleep. Next morning Guy sitting at the table with the rest of the family but my boy is a zombie, barely moving and while he is attempting to eat he’s throwing up fast and hard. His girls get him settled in and I sit in a chair in his room watching him for a while as he sleeps. Imelda pulls me away after an hour and tells me that they have something on Romeo. I tell her that her people can handle it and return to my boy, this will pass.Hector: 2 days later Fucking Romeo didn’t get any real jail time and everyone was so distracted because Guy was being railroaded for bullshit charges that nobody even noticed. Now he’s fucking up MY friend’s life for about six months when we finally get some good news. That little Japanese friend of Guy’s just got us a location on where Romeo is living. Gated fucking community and his parents have cameras on the house. I knew he had money, we all did but this is impossible for us to do the way we want to. Carlos is taking things slowly and while that’s good I am done waiting to catch up to little Romeo, over a year worth of waiting. Yeah I let Guy handle shit for me but you stab someone they gonna come find you and so here I am in nice clothing, very preppy shirt and tie with slacks glasses, walking through his neighborhood heading towards his house. It’s not difficult to find and I can see that someone is home with him, probably his Mom or Dad. I knock on the door and wait and when a woman answers I have to channel my educated white boy. “Good Afternoon Mrs. Salazar, my name is Jamie, I went to school with your son last year and when I found out he lived in the neighborhood I had to stop by to visit. Is he home,” I ask being very polite. “Of course, Romeo hasn’t had a lot of friends come over since last year,” Mrs. Salazar tells me showing me inside,” He’s in his room probably working on college projects. After all that pain he went through nobody would speak with him so he decided to do school online.” I nod and listen as she shows me to his room and when she introduces me I can honestly say this is a tough moment for me. “Romeo your friend Jamie from high school is here to see you,” She says letting me in and as we lock eyes I get a good look at him. Romeo was very preppy and pretty boy when I knew him over a year ago but now he looks beaten, and not the physical way I’d like. His hair is longer but not combed like he would have when he was screwing Marta. His clothing isn’t all nice and clean and he’s got plenty of facial hair. Biggest thing is arm, I know something happened with it but I never fully found out what. “Ummm, Hi Jamie,” He knows who I am but is hoping I’ll play it off,” Mom can we catch up alone please.” I watch his Moms leave and close the door leaving us alone. He’s scared of me but something else is going on. “He tell you to kill me,” Romeo asks and I shrug. “That’s up to you homes,” I reply calm and relaxed. “Can I say my piece first,” he asks and I shrug before leaning against the closed door,” First off I wanted to go to jail. I begged that fucker who got me last year to let me go to jail but he said no.” “We both know who did what Romeo,” I snap and he holds his hands up. “No I don’t, and if I did I would say I don’t. I fucked around and I got fucked up for it, look at this,” He tells me showing me his arm and I see a messy scar below his wrist,” He gave me death by Coyote or cut my hand off. I begged that Russian fucker to let me go to jail, I would have confessed but he said no. I’ve been afraid that since I didn’t go to jail he’d come find me and now you’re here.” “You didn’t leave him alone,” I tell him taking out my switchblade, it’s an old toy. “I didn’t have a choice. This guy Taylor calls me up last year and starts going on about how we should work together to fuck Guy’s life up but I don’t want that and turn him down,” He tells me and I snap. I rush him and grab his hand placing it on the desk and when I go to pin it with the switchblade I see Romeo’s face, he’s scared but it’s like he’s okay with me cutting him. I stop and I figure there is an explanation involved. “You got some sort of death wish,” I spit at him and he looks beaten. “You could kill me but honestly I’d rather it be you than Guy,” Romeo tells me and I have to stop. I let his hand go and he points out the other chair in his messy room and I take a seat. I don’t understand why he’s so messed up but I fold up my knife and wait for him to talk. “I turned down Taylor and he called me back after a couple days to see if I’d change my mind and I said no. That’s when he told me he knew where I was and he’d make sure Guy would find out that I got off light with the legal system and that Guy would make sure everything balanced out. I was scared, someone had me cut my hand off and now he was going to send Guy after me to finish the job,” Romeo says shaking. “So you help him anyway,” I am confused. “Who did I have to turn to? I burned every friend I had after it came out that I stabbed you. I just wanted to be part of the group and all you or Carlos ever saw me as is the safe boyfriend for Marta. Even Marta wondered sometimes what it’d be like to have a tough guy for a boyfriend. I wanted in and I did plenty of stupid shit. Now here I am with no friends being blackmailed by a bad ex cop and a psycho from Washington neither of which I met and for what? So the scariest fucker I’ve ever met can finish the job if I don’t,” Romeo says and starts crying. “We need to see Carlos; he’ll know what to do with you. I’m going to take you to him and this is getting settled,” I tell Romeo standing him up. Getting out if his house is just as easy as getting in, his Mom is happy to see him get out with a friend for a change and that is almost funny to me. We walk out of the neighborhood gate and I get him in my car so we can head over to Carlos’s house. Not a lot of people from the gang are here but Carlos is with his rich girlfriend, she’s nice though which is why nobody fucks with her, that and her brothers. Carlos comes out to say wassup but as soon as he sees Romeo in my car his face goes from happy to gang business. “What the fuck you doing bringing this piece of shit to my home,” my boy for over ten years asks me pissed off. “You said we gotta get him, I got him but shit’s fucked up man. I wanted to do it myself but I listened to him and I don’t know anymore man. Guy settled shit and I can leave it settled but Romeo’s shit weird for me so I need someone else to listen,” I tell Carlos trying to explain when someone else decides to interrupt. “I’ll listen to him,” Marta says with Abigail, Carlos’s girl in tow. “Sis go back in the house,” Carlos tells them but his woman has other ideas. “No, we’ll handle him for my brother but if Hector is thinking and not fighting I’d say it’s worth a little time and patience to listen, right honey,” I watch as his girl breaks down his drive to fuck shit up. It takes a bit of calming but we get Carlos to let him out of the car and into the house, Romeo is scared like a white kid in the ghetto as he sits down. I walk him through his explanation of why he helped the other two pendejos with their plans. The whole time he’s all emotional and really needs to calm the fuck down but at one point where he talks about how he had to hire someone to break into a girl’s place and fuck some shit up he starts crying hard. Marta is a softy like that and she hugs his blindsiding ass to help him calm down but now Carlos is as confused as I am when we both hear Abigail talking on her phone. “Yeah I just heard everything…. It’s not bullshit, he looks like shit…. Well he’d never believe that and he’s got nothing now…. Okay nothing but family money…. No I believe him….,” She says before hanging up the phone,” We let him go and we keep an eye on him, for his sake.” “You might want to explain that one to me because I know Guy and he’s all about balancing this shit out,” Carlos tells her and I agree with him a little. “Look at him, he’s so fucked up he can’t even go out he’s scared. I love you but what can you do to him that would hurt him, kill him? No they say he suffered enough and he’s a bit of a victim so watch him and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid and if he crosses Guy again you have free reign,” Abigail tells us so we know his instructions. We all agree and decide to try to settle in; a lot of talking is involved especially between Marta, Carlos and Romeo. I step outside to breathe a bit and Abigail follows me. “Hey you did the right thing,” she says quietly touching my shoulder. “Yeah well one less thing for confession. Guy really said to let him be,” I ask and watch as her face goes a little soft. “Not Guy, he’s still recovering. Someone with more history around here than Guy said to spare Romeo,” She tells me and I’m really confused now when she finishes,” Imelda said to spare him and that’s what we do, for her and him.” Well fuck me, the baddest bitch, one I’d love to have fucked the shit out of or died trying, said to let Romeo go. Now Guy is messed up and his women are calling the shots, good luck whoever this Taylor kid is, they’ll skin him alive and make him eat the scraps.Guy: One week after being grabbed I feel a lot better, especially since I spent a week feeling like shit. Everyone says Dad brought me home but nobody knows how or from what and when I ask him about it he just tells me ‘we’re alright now son’ and goes back to whatever he was doing before. My girls however are walking on eggshells and it’s time I found out why. School was fine with me taking a week off and it’s Saturday after my ill fated abduction with all my fiancés when I figure it’s a good time to ask what’s going on. “So I’m feeling good enough to take the hit, why is everyone so nervous,” I ask and Kori is the first to chime in. “Oh nothing baby, we’re just glad you’re feeling better,” She’s good but not that good. “I believe that but there’s more. What happened that you don’t want to tell me about,” I ask and now the poker face slips. “We had Romeo but I let him go, he’s suffered a lot and he’s scared shitless of you,” Imelda tells me and I can feel my old burning rage start up. “And why did we let one of the three people who decided my life was their fucking plaything get a pass,” I ask and Imelda does something I’ve not yet seen her do. “Because he is scared shitless of you, Taylor asked him for help when he was first hiding out from you and he said no because he’s scared. When Taylor threatened him guess what he threatened him with… you,” Imelda tells me in a soft and pleading tone, again not something she’s done before. “Guy we’ve all spoken with Hector and Carlos and they will keep him on a short leash but he’s not coming after you. He is scared of the next time you come down because he’s afraid that you’re going to finish the job,” Rachael says bringing me into a calmer state. “So the five of you decided that since someone was fucking with my life but it was blackmail they get a bye,” I ask still a bit upset but much calmer. “OUR lives, it’s all of us Guy not just you and yes we took all the information and made the right choice,” Kori informs me and all of them nod in agreement. “Fine well that settle that, you say he walks he walks,” I tell them and my lack of argument surprises all my girls,” What? I was out, you took control and if you say he’s not responsible like I would have thought then I have to trust you and back you just like you back me, right?” The collective sigh of relief in the room is good enough that my ladies relax for a change and while I’m back to one hundred percent physically and mentally I still want Taylor. I will have to let it stew for now as my fiancés are just happy I’m up and mobile. The super shitty feeling being passed and Sunday I get something that I never expected, a call from an unknown and unblocked number. “Hey there Guy, it’s been a while,” I hear Taylor’s voice over the phone. “Yes it has, what’s left now but you and me,” I reply waiting for his new plan. “I want to walk away, I want you to come to me and we settle this so that I can walk away with your blessing,” Taylor says and I’m almost laughing. “By my estimation you’re the reason all this shit happened and you want me to let you walk away,” I ask chuckling. “No not really, I just want you to be by your phone in your room right now,” Taylor spits and the glass in my window shatters from gunfire. I hit the floor as a few shots come in and I can hear the girls and my sisters in the other end of the house screaming while Imelda is telling them to get down. I’m a little freaked and pissed off as I crawl out of my room, a few more shots and I rush out the front door to see Taylor standing in our front yard with a revolver in hand, he turns it towards me and I pause. His 5’8” frame is clad in a black trench coat and jeans, he’s still thin and little but the revolver makes up for that. “Didn’t think you’d come out before I had to reload,” Taylor sneers at me. “You would have come in sooner or later, figured if you wanted your shot at me you can have it out here,” I tell him hoping my girls are heading in the opposite direction. Sadly I hear movement behind me and I turn my head just enough to see Rachael and Kori step out, damn them. Taylor glances at them before refocusing on me and that’s where I want him. “Well it’s you and me Taylor, take your shot or walk,” I tell him and he actually pauses,” I’ll give you that much but no more.” “Or I simply take the shot that would do the most damage,” I listen to him speak the words and my blood runs cold. For me time slows down as I watch the gun turn away from me and the shot ring off, I turn my head and watch as Rachael’s goes limp and starts to fall when my body kicks in fully. I don’t look back anymore, only forward and Taylor has enough time to level the revolver on me but not enough to fire as slam into him hard. I don’t think anymore about what I do, I simply put Taylor down hard in my parent’s front yard and begin raining fists down to his face. I break his glasses on my fist at one point and when he to scramble for the revolver I grab his arm and twist it till I hear a snapping and a scream. I hear more screaming but it’s not from Taylor but more voices around me, things like ‘stop, wait, alright, please’. I hear them but responding to them is another thing as I have my hands wrapped around Taylor’s skinny little neck and watch the colors in his face change. “Guy STOP,” I hear as I’m pulled off of Taylor. Matty and Gwen have me up and by the arms as they point me towards Rachael, my sweet Rachael who is sitting up and a little shocked but fine. I want to scramble to her but I hear snickering and turn my attention back towards Taylor. “Better luck… next time,” He actually giggles trying to crawl with a good arm to his gun. I slip from my women’s grasp and put myself over Taylor’s back standing and grab the hair on the back of his head and pull up. He struggles for a bit with his good arm but not long, I place my free hand under his chin and with a quick twist and a snap break Taylor’s neck. I let him fall, his body, to the dirt in the front yard while everyone starts to freak out. I’m in a daze as parents, police, and paramedics have descended on my family and our home. Everyone is going on about what happened and when I’m put in handcuffs and placed in a cop car does shit really fly loose. In the haste of the situation we had no less than five different neighbors watch as I broke Taylor’s neck and while he had a weapon at the start he was basically defenseless when I killed him. I am processed, not the first time mind you, but processed and left in room for questioning. Two detectives enter, they were the nice suits, and I settle in for the long haul. “Mr. Donnelly it appears this isn’t the first time you’ve been questioned by the authorities so let’s just go over the basics of what happened shall we,” The male and possibly Asian detective says as I calmly look up at him. “Lawyer,国内精品九九久久精品小草” is all I have to say. “Mr. Donnelly we understand your rights but we have witnesses that show the shooter was defenseless when you killed him, cooperate now and we’ll work on a good deal with the DA’s office,” the female black detective tells me and I simply change from looking at the man to the woman. “Lawyer,” I repeat and both of them sigh in disgust. “Very well if you don’t want to cooperate we’ll play hard ball and you can graduate from the inside of a cell,” the Asian detective informs me as they leave. I’m back in my cell and I wait for about a day before I see a familiar face and body, 5’11” in high heels and a suit that screams lawyer, Kelsea arrives at my cell with a soft briefcase in her hand and a smile on her face. Her normally flowing brown hair is done very conservatively as she has me ushered into a room so we can speak privately. “Well for someone looking at a murder charge you seem well,” She tells me smiling as we sit down. “My god you are still the predator,” I reply smiling back. “That I am and it pisses off my opponents to no end, and I have them now because of you. On a serious note I’ve read everything on the flight up here and the good news is we have a solid case to get you a reduced sentence or even off charges entirely but I don’t know the judges up here and that means we’re looking at a roll of the dice,” Kelsea goes into the details. I explain everything that has been happening and after an hour or so she has all my information and decides that we can speak with the detectives. Same black woman and Asian man come into the room and the questioning ensues. We don’t tell them everything but they lay out suspicions, ones about the war last year and people being hurt on my order, more about a stabbing and a maiming that I was allegedly involved in, biggest of all the first death. They bring up Derek to me, the one person I haven’t forgotten over the years and the first person I didn’t want to die when they went against me. A lot of my questions are answered by Kelsea and once the detectives decide that they’re not getting a confession I’m formally charged with Murder 2 and put back in a cell. I spend a couple weeks in jail getting visits from family and my girls, everyone hopeful but sad. I am not given bail as I am stated as a flight risk before they put me back in the slammer. Mercifully with me in jail I’m put in general populous and that is where things get real for me. My first day I have five offers to be someone’s bunk mate, the second day I’m in the shower and one man grabs me and when I turn on him to defend myself I see about five more large individuals. “Jim sends his best and Sid wants to know if they serve ice cream up here,” the big man tells me and I relax a lot. Yeah I’m in jail and it sucks but I’m safe and have more uncles than I can count, people don’t get within ten feet of me and I make note to personally thank the hell out of my friends when I get out of here. It’s maybe two months since and while I’m doing classes online and in correspondence the trial is what takes up the most of my time, the whole thing is maybe nine days total with gaps in between. Don’t let TV fool you I’m mostly bored and worried, at no point do I take the stand either. It’s a tactic that you don’t want to use if you have a solid defense. The prosecutor goes through everything in my life, I’m a polygamist, an egomaniac, I have a messiah complex, I’m the anti Christ in teen form as far as he’s concerned and now I’m trying to get away with murder in broad day light. My defense however shows me as persecuted, it pulls evidence that proves I’ve been provoked by outside forces. Of all the things that happen I see Heather on the stand speaking about what happened more or less between her and I and she, in tears, explains that I am a target of jealousy. I didn’t know they were using her as a witness and once all questions are done and final statements are made the jury deliberates. “How bad is it,” I ask Kelsea as we wait in the side cell of the courthouse. “I don’t know we have some wins but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that they’re hoping will sway opinion. We’re fighting the opinions of the jury now and that’s where things get muddy,” Kelsea tells me pacing. “You’re making me nervous,” I tell her and we both stop and chuckle a little. We’re brought back in after three hours and when the judge asks if they need more time the forewoman says they have reached a verdict. We’re ordered to stand and I do before closing my eyes and waiting for the inevitable. “We the jury, on the charge of murder in the second degree,” the woman pauses a little,” find the defendant Guy Donnelly….”Months Later Well here I am sitting in a vehicle with four men dressed very similar to me and absolutely no talking involved. I think we’re all nervous as hell and me more so, today is the day where freedom ends as they say. When we arrive at the destination an almost angry voice decides to start yelling at us. “My god son it’s your wedding,” Dad hollers from the front of the church,” You’re lucky five women take forever to get ready or you’d be on your own in that fight. Devin, Kyle, Ben, Jun and I exit the car in our tuxedos and make our way inside, the church the girls chose is packed and I mean really packed. There are almost two hundred people here and as I’m shaking hands on my way up to the altar I have to admit I’m kind of excited. Oh wait the trial, not guilty on the murder charge. Yeah me getting married after graduation kind of gives that away but let just say they tried their damndest to get me and it didn’t work. A lot of my personal life was aired out in the court but I’m not Brad Pitt, thank god, and I don’t have people reporting on my life with cameras in the court room. The rest of the school year was good too. We really held things down and by we I mean everyone. I even went above and beyond and got Isaac elected as next class president as a junior, his acceptance speech started with thanking me and assuring people he was a ‘black politician that they could trust’. Now here I am waiting in the wings as the time honored music kicks up and as the brides maids are already up there and my grooms men, Jun holding best man status, I make my way to the front while someone’s baby cries a little and I smirk. I take my place at the front and finally the bride march kicks up and now I start to panic and begin by taking long slow breaths. I watch as all five of my girls make their way down the aisle, Kori and Carl leading followed by Katy and my Dad, then Matty and her Daddy, Imelda is walked down by an older uncle in her family that I met maybe twice and finally Rachael is lead down by Randy. And before people think anything funny all the dresses are white but each has a different colored bouquet of flowers. I watch as the girls get in line after their father’s have given them away and first up is Kori. Wedding goes as planned and mercifully the priest doesn’t ask ‘if anyone has any reason’ and finally it gets to the vows, I will get to those in a second but after the exchanging of the rings with Kori and you may kiss the bride there is some light clapping when Devin decides to do his part. “And switch,” Is what he bellows and I watch as Kori steps to the back and Katy comes forward to repeat the process. Every one of my girls get’s different vows from me and each one tears up a little bit. “Korinna, only reason we have all this is because of you. You’re idea, you’re patience, you’re love for me and your sisters made all this possible. You earned every bit of love from me and I will spend the rest of my life making sure you are happy,” My vows to Kori. “Katy you are a spitfire, I never knew what I was fully doing when we first met but you showed me a rebellious side and a will that I have come to love and trust. I didn’t tame you, you chose to be with me and we’re going to have a lot of fun from now on,” My vows to Katy with a smirk. “Mathilda my Amazon, you are so sweet and kind that I couldn’t believe how you were when I first saw you play. I have nothing to hold back when we’re together, you let me be honest and I let you be yourself and now we’re here at the new beginning and everyone now sees you the way I always have,” My vows to Matty with a sniffle from her. “My sweet fiery Imelda, you wanted me more than anything. You saw the rest of the girls and you coined the term sisters and now it’s a reality. You are my ball of fire and when we’ve turned up the heat you’ve made me have to catch up to you. I will never get tired of your fire,” My vows to Imelda in semi-fluent Spanish, a surprise for her. “My innocent little Rachael, you did something that nobody ever thought could be done. You found my good nature and kindness and you helped it grow. I’m a better person now because of you and your gentle nature,” My vows to Rachael. Wedding ceremony times five and with Rachael at the end and the final ‘I now pronounce you’ done and my kiss with Rachael I see them all smiling at me before Rachael whispers. “Run to the car now,” She tells me and giggles. I take heed and bolt and then I realize that my girls, not one of them, are wearing high heels as they are chasing me fast. I get into the limo outside and five white dresses follow me in and we’re heading down the road to the reception. We’re all laughing and I’m taking turns being kissed and holding each one of my now new wives. I have no clue as to what to expect at the reception but when we arrive I discover we’re early and we sit in the car and just relax. “Girls I don’t know about you but I’m so happy right now I could die with a smile,” Kori says in a giddy state. “No dying, I forbid dying period,” I bark playfully. “What you want to go first,” Imelda asks joking and I get serious. “Yes, I wouldn’t want to live without any of you. You five are the best parts of me,” I tell them and all my new wives get this newly minted love look on their faces. “Okay no crying or we have to go back to fix our makeup,” Rachael says and I watch them regain a level of control. It takes about twenty minutes for people to arrive and finally my groomsmen knock on the window to let us know we can enter. I let the girls step out first, our reception area is a very nice banquet hall and this is where things get ‘fun’ for me. The girls planned everything for this wedding, cake, decorations, gowns, I mean everything. However I pulled a little bit of strings and took care of one or two things that I felt they missed, first being that this is OUR wedding and it will be a safe one. Add to that the Old Man, Sid, Hawk and about forty of the Union and Devil’s best littering the area and tending bar in a couple cases. The second is I did I added to the song list for a couple things, mainly my first dances with my wives. However that comes after our walk into the building and the announcement of the Mr. and Mrs. (I don’t know how to multiple that) Donnelly. There is applause there are more people here than there were for the wedding and I see family, school friends, bikers, a few women that I have slept with in the past. The main table where we’re all sitting up above everyone and the meal is served, well it’s more of a buffet with the only exception is that while everyone else goes to get their food my wives and I are served our food. Dining is wonderful and as we’re relaxing I hear a chiming and Jun decides it’s time for his embarrassing speech. “As I am the best man at this union of souls, that’s what I call it because that is what it is. It’s not five women settling for one man, its six pieces of the same soul finding each other and surviving everything. Now that I have the mushy part out of the way let me embarrass my best friend here,” Jun says turning towards me and my wives,” You are the worst people ever, you literally have destroyed my life. How the hell is my wedding next year supposed to compete with this?” Everyone laughs and we hear some jeering from the crowd when I hold up my hand and laugh since it’s in good fun. “Seriously Guy you are a bit of a prick, you barge into everything and fuck everyone’s world up including your new wives’ and all of it for one purpose, we needed it. You never forced me to stand up for myself but hell man I needed to. You built a group of friends that will walk through hell,” Jun says looking to Ben,” Some of us have and never have we regretted it. Now even though we’re all heading in different physical directions you are still our leader and my best friend. You always made sure we came out on top no matter what was hurting us and when other said quit you said fuck you. Now you have the wives a man, a King, deserves. To Guy, Kori, Katy, Mathilda, Imelda and Rachael; your lives have more love than the world can tolerate but your family, this family will never let you down because you never let us down.” There is applause and I stand up to hug my best friend. The merriment resumes and the dance is announced, the couple’s first dance. I tell the girls that I will go in a particular order and give the DJ a heads up for the music I selected. First up Kori and Etta James’ song ‘At Last’, it’s a nice slow number and Kori is beaming with joy and a few tears as were out on the dance floor and when we’re done I walk Kori back to her seat and take Katy’s hand, I chose ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’ by the Ink Spots. It’s a soft and much older song but Katy is pressed against me the whole time making sure if anyone comes between us there will be pain involved. The song ends and when it does I repeat the walk back to the table and take Matty’s hand, her song ‘Fly me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra. I have to look up to her normally but now we’re dancing and she’s trying to rest her head on my shoulder which looks awkward but once achieved my Amazon is damn near purring like a kitten. We get done and I take her back and in a bit of a twist take Rachael’s hand and lead her to the floor, her song ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ by Paul McCartney. Being the one girl that is a little shorter than the rest allows Rachael the freedom to rest her head against my chest and turn it into a nice slow number and when it’s done I return to the table and take Imelda’s hand and lead her out to the center of the dance floor when everything goes off. First the DJ stops all music and begins to change some speakers, then a group of men who have been moving through the crowd take up positions and instruments near the speakers and I take off my tuxedo coat as Imelda’s Mother and a group of women surround her daughter in a curtain and I explain. “Apparently weddings are a bit more upbeat in my wife’s family,” I explain to the family and friends watching,” And there is a song that is sung every wedding in Imelda’s family and there is dancing. Very upbeat dancing.” The curtain drops and Imelda is in a different dress, one that is very loose and easy to move in but still white like her wedding dress. I’m about seven feet away from her when her cousins, the musicians who have set up, start in with a very electric version of Malagueña Salerosa. I know maybe eight or nine words to the song but as soon as we start moving in a very upbeat Salsa with a lot of stomping and clapping I can see that my new wife has more rhythm than anticipated and I have to keep up with her. There is a lot of clapping with the beat and when her cousin or uncle, not sure which, hits a high note for maybe a minute we actually pause and watch but when he stops we resume dancing. They finally end it on a softer note and there is applause, applause not clapping at our wedding. I have to laugh a little and Imelda is wearing the biggest grin possible as we head off the dance floor. Everyone is allowed to dance after us but the band is done with their one song and my wives, I love saying that, and I make the rounds shaking hands and hugging friends and family. The Old Man, Smitty, Vicki, Jackie and new baby Claire give us warm hugs and I tell the Old Man that I’m glad everyone is wearing their cuts. He laughs with me on that thankfully. Natsuko and her parents give us a warm response especially the pregnant Kimiko, no it’s not mine, and I get a very formal bow from Dad which I return with the best of my white boy ability. Isaac and Allison patched up their on/off relationship for the wedding and I’m hoping the two of them figure shit out since I’m not going to be around to fix shit after the summer. The Daddy daughter dance comes around and I get to sit back and watch for a moment as my girls dance with their respective fathers. I get a minute of time before I’m dragged onto the dance floor by Mom and we talk about happy things for a song before Loretta takes over. This process repeats itself through Natsuko, Jackie, and a few other members of my friends and family. After more than a few hours things wind down enough to break up the party and the girls and I are ushered back into the car and driven to our hotel, our honeymoon plans start tomorrow morning but tonight my wives are planning on killing me in the bedroom and I’m looking forward to the attempt. Side note, I’ve been without for almost two weeks. My girls have kept sex out of my life for this one night and I’m planning on breaking some hips and possibly having a heart attack. The hotel room we’re staying at is very nice and someone told these people that bed size needed to be in the huge category, they must have pushed two beds together and we’ll definitely fit thank god. “Rules Mr. Donnelly,” Kori informs me as I’m lead down the hall to the room,” You have to carry each one of us across the threshold and there will be a one girl a night rule. We’ve decided in advance who gets what day and she will be pleasing you while the rest of us watch and enjoy.” Scooping Kori up and marching her down the hall quickly to the room gets a laugh from the rest of my wives and a yelp of surprise from her. I repeat the process and I’m not even really tired. Once we’re in the room I find clothing is prepared for us this evening and a bag is packed for each of us, I double check my stuff and find something missing. “Ladies where is my jacket,” I ask getting a pause from my wives,” Is there something I should know?” “We took it and its being… altered,” Katy states and I start to give them a ‘what the hell’ look. “It’s my armor, you took my armor,” I ask as I start changing for bed. “It’s our gift to you baby, we’re doing this for you as a present and it’ll be done by the time we’re back from our honeymoon,” Rachael says calming me down. We get settled into bed and it’s been long enough that I don’t know who is who, well not really but when a smaller frame cuddles up to me and I can feel a severe degree of nakedness against me. It’s Rachael and I feel like a fool putting on shorts before bed as her hand has made its way into my loose waistband and is taking hold of my rapidly hardening member. I can ask a million questions right now; still the biggest one is WHY AM I STILL WEARING SHORTS?! I roll Rachael onto her back and I only feel the loose silk top as her legs spread for me. My raging hard on finds its mark and I am buried inside her in a matter of seconds. Firstly I missed my girls/wives and second I damn near cum in the first few thrusts and have to stop and collect myself. “Girls he’s almost there,” Rachael moans playfully,” keeping away from him for two weeks was a bad idea.” “Is that why you volunteered to be first,” Kori giggles. “I wanted to be first because… oh fuck,” Rachael moans as I gain control and move her legs up over my shoulders,” He’ll hold nothing back tonight and I’ve been ready to have my husband since I was walking down the aisle.” Her last word drags out and with my pretty little innocent folded up underneath me I give her sopping wet womanhood long powerful thrusts. I am groaning with pleasure and the only thing keeping me in control is the fact that for my bachelor party I had no stripper, check that, no woman stripper. The thing that they brought me was designed to do one thing only, kill erections and I was handcuffed to a chair that was bolted to a floor for the world’s most disgusting lap dance. I simply imagine a thong desperately wanting to see daylight and immediately it keeps me from reaching orgasm. Rachael on the other hand is taking me well and we’re kissing as much as possible. We’re moaning and grunting as we enjoy our first night as husband and wife when I hear the rest of my wives murmuring the word ‘feed’. I get a familiar memory and start bucking my hips harder and faster into Rachael forcing her to orgasm just a little before I do, I pull out fast and proceed to spray my seed up her body and a second hand takes hold of me and pumps the rest of me out before gently. Rachael is panting as much as I am when my four remaining wives latch onto her body with their mouths and start to lick and clean ever speck of my juice off of her. I watch as the feeding frenzy subsides and smile before pulling up my shorts and collapsing into bed. Our sleep is good and cuddling is done with all five at various points in the night but a phone ringing early in the morning has me bolt up from bed and grab the receiver. “Hello,” I ask holding the hotel phone and checking my wives, they’re still sleeping. “Good morning Mr. Donnelly,” the man at the front desk of the hotel says in a very chipper voice,” It’s seven AM and this is your wake up call.” I hang up and start checking the itinerary for our honeymoon, they plan the wedding and I planned the honeymoon. I’m getting out their clothing for the day and making sure everything is by the door and ready when I finally decide to wake my girls. They are slow moving and I’m impatient which for some reason doesn’t faze them. “Okay wives, we really need to pick up the pace or we’re going to be late,” I tell them and it’s Katy who is the first one to look over at me sleepily. “Honey I know you planned things but we’re tired and it’s day one of the honeymoon, what could you possibly have planned that would be so urgent,” my bad wife asks yawning. “You’re right; a flight on a private plane to a romantic destination isn’t anything worth getting up for. I’ll cancel the place where we’re staying, the tour and the reservations right now since your all too tired,” I get the words out of my mouth and all hell breaks loose. Five wives scrambling for the bathroom, making sure they are dressed and look decent and suddenly I’m relegated to carrying six bags because I’m an asshole. I carry them out and put them in the van to the airport but when I get inside they’re all lovey with me again. I figure that was their 'we’re being butts about the surprise trip' but they weren’t moving and I wanted it to be a surprise that we were going somewhere but now I have to settle for our destination being the surprise. The reason we have to leave so early is because we’re covering a lot of ground and we’ll have to refuel in New York. I don’t tell the ladies this and once we’re on the plane and snacks are served after takeoff the girls want details but I’m not giving them up. “Guy we really want to know where we’re going,” Matty asks in pleading tone. “I’m not telling and you’ll just have to wait till we get there,” is my response and they groan a little when Kori tries to win me over. “Well it’s not like we make any arbitrary decisions without telling you,” Kori starts in and almost immediately regrets it. “Oh really, our wedding yesterday slipped your memory? I had no clue half of that was happening but it was awesome right,” I ask and they all nod,” You planned an awesome wedding and I’ve planned an awesome honeymoon. Can we accept that we’re all working on the same good time?” They agree and when we land in New York City they start to go a little nuts but that is cut short when the pilots inform us that refueling will be done in ninety minutes and now all five are staring at me wondering. We head into the small airfield lounge and stretch our legs and get something to eat while we wait and the girls discover that things are pretty good being married as a few of the crew in the area want to ‘talk’ to the pretty ladies but as soon as they see the rings they back off. I chill out and make sure everything is on set up with a few well placed texts and even check in on my special project when we’re over there. Once refueling is done we’re back in the air and it’s about an hour when Imelda decides to make an announcement. “Holy shit where did the land go,” She damn near yells for the pilots to hear. Every one of my wives is at a window for a little bit before I start getting the twenty questions when I am stood up from my seat and pulled into the back by Katy. I figure this is an interrogation in a bathroom except for the slamming me into a wall and kissing me hard and deep, I just figured out who had today. We’re kissing and pawing at each other’s clothes as I push her ass on the small sink counter and pull her shirt open before latching onto her big beautiful breasts. My shirt gets pulled off and my pants are down at some point and I have to back off. We get her jean shorts down and I attempt to turn Katy around but she hops right back onto the counter ass first and our mouths and bodies collide. It takes us a second but she gets me lined up with her by hand and pulls me in as we begin to get reacquainted physically. Katy is all soft and warm as I thrust into her not fast but firmly, she’s wet enough too that moving faster would be possible. “Rachael wanted first so that you could not disappoint the rest of us and she still came,” Katy groans lightly. “And why did you request second turn,” I ask between kisses on her neck. “Cause I could get a more me fucking,” Katy whispers pinching my ass,” But two firsts for me is just as good.” “Firsts,” I ask pulling my face back but still pressing my hips forward. “Mile high club and we’re not in any country,” Katy smirks pulling at me harder. She’s inspired and pulling me in harder which is no problem for me as I speed up. Katy is warm hot and wet as I’m doing all the work pressing myself into her, Katy herself is taking everything I have with a gratitude all my wives do. Nothing better than a man feeling welcome when his women actually want him as much as he wants them. I’m going as fast as I can and start to feel my orgasm build up as Katy moves a hand down to her sweet pussy and rubs her clit at the same pace I’m thrusting. “I feel you baby, cum for me and I’ll cum with you,” Katy moans and her words hit all the right switches in my head. I buck into Katy faster and harder and she pulls me in for another deep kiss when I explode into her and curl my toes in my boots. I am filling Katy as full as I can when I feel her clamp down on me and groan into my mouth as her orgasm hits. We both smile as we come down from our high and when I do fall out of her she starts to move quickly to clean up, something she doesn’t often do. I help out and we adjust our clothes before stepping out of the bathroom and immediately into the camera phones of my other wives taking pictures. “Mile High Club bitches,” Katy blurts out and everyone laughs. It’s a good moment and the six of us settle into our flight to relax, I start going over my college plans and we all review what we’re going to be doing when Matty tells us she got her full ride scholarship but it’s in southern California. Nobody sees a problem with that and the remaining members of my new family start to look at how we’ll get into the same college. It’s planning like this that helps us pass the time and when I get notice from the pilots that we’re about thirty minutes out I start closing the flaps on all the windows so that nobody can see outside. Now all my wives are anxious as to where we’re landing and while nobody is guessing it’s still funny to see one or two try to sneak a peek outside the plane. We finally touchdown and when we’re allowed to disembark and pass through customs do we get outside enough for all five to stand there staring at the Eiffel Tower in the distance. “France! You took us to France for our honeymoon,” Kori exclaims and now I’m being bombarded by all my girls as people stare smiling. It takes a bit for them to calm down but when they finally do we’re ushered into the car that was waiting and transported to our villa which is more of an apartment that was rented for a couple weeks so we could be in town and moving around. The next few days are filled with tours, sightseeing and love making. A lot of love making. We visit the Louvre Museum where Katy has an art-gasm, topless beaches with five beautiful wives make for an interesting day for me as fat French men try to pick up on them and they laugh. Dinners at some of the best restaurants and one special night on the Eiffel Tower where we ate at the restaurant and watched the stars made the time special. It was about day ten of sixteen here that I got notice that my non family reason for coming here was ready and when I let my ladies know what I was going to do they insisted on taking part. Yes I had other motives for France but their happiness is just as important to me as taking care of a promise I made. I’m sitting at a Café with my ladies when I see my target, he’s young and has black hair like his father while the older woman he’s with is nagging him about his school work. He’s trying to get her to lighten up and finally she heads off as he sits down on a bench when Rachael smiles at me and stands up from the table moving over to the boy. He’s maybe fifteen or sixteen which means Rachael has him wrapped around her finger as she invites him back to our table. Boy is naïve but we’re friendly and the only thing I have for him are good intentions as we sit and I speak with Justin. We talk and I learn he’s obviously not native to the country, he’s American like we are and when the girls decide to take a walk I watch him as he stares at a couple of their asses but it doesn’t worry me in the slightest. I ask him about his family and he grimaces a little. “My dad left my mom when I was nine or so. He just rode off on his bike and didn’t come back so Mom moved us here so that we could have a fresh start,” Justin tells me a little sad. “Alright well I can beat around the bush with all this talk about what you were told but I am going to tell you what I know,” I reply taking a folder out of my bag and handing it to him,” That right there is the warrant for kidnapping that your mother has in the United states right now…” His shock takes over and when he stands up fast to get away I’m up quicker and cut him off. He’s unsure of me now and I try to calm him. “Listen, I’m not here to ruin anyone’s life but let me say my piece and if you aren’t’ interested I’ll walk away and that’s the end of it. I am not after your mother and nobody is going to go to jail but I want you to listen to me first and decide what you want to do after,” I explain and we both sit back down as he looks through the papers,” I met your father a year ago, he didn’t run you were taken by your mother. She was scared of who she thought your father was and she ran but your dad loves you, never think he left you.” “I don’t understand why doesn’t he come here himself,” Justin asks brushing his hair out of his face. “He doesn’t know, I know and I’m here to offer you something that you’d never have. I can take you to him and have you brought back afterwards if you like, it’s the start of the summer and you can spend the time with him then head back here afterwards but it’s your call,” I inform him. “I would like to but Mom won’t let me,” He laments leaning back in his chair. “If you come back with me then we don’t go to Plan B which is scaring her with kidnapping charges, I’ll get them dropped and you’ll be moved back to the U.S. anyway,” I tell him and he wants to go on the defensive but I cut him off,” That’s not the plan but she doesn’t need to know that. Justin I know your Dad pretty well. He’s tough and he’s got some questionable business mind you BUT he’s a good man and a man of his word. He did right by me and I promised him I would find you and try to get you two back together but it’s your call.” We continue to talk and after a while my ladies come back and we all resume talking, we don’t talk about his mother or father but focus on him. He feels out of place a lot because of his accent and he’s had some trouble with ladies which my girls go down the list with advice and explain how to properly get a ladies attention and keep it. I smile as they go through lessons with Justin before his mother comes over to us a couple hours later and takes him away. I watch him take the folder with papers and before leaving, he’s got her. More days pass and we’re almost at the end of the trip when I get a call, he wants to come with us and when I give him our timetable he pauses but agrees. His mother seeing him off is a tense moment for her and she stares at me anxious but my ladies are the ones to explain to her who we are and what we do. I let Rachael and Kori do most of the talking to her as I focus on Justin and assure him that his mother will be fine as I called Mr. Delauter, referenced as my legal counsel, and was getting the charges dropped. I also called Sid an as soon as we had Justin and let him know that I needed to see him at the airport as soon as we landed and gave him the time. He tried to balk it but I made sure to insist that it be him there and he agreed finally. The flight back my ladies are gushing with happiness and when Justin tries to pick up on Rachael she has to drop the Married bomb on him and when he finds out all of them are my wives I get some of that envy stare my way. Long hours on the plane to New York and then again back to Washington we disembark the plane and my family, all of them, are waiting for us. Hugs all around and a lot of how was the trip when I spot Devil’s Best as we hit the parking structure. “Guy you need to let me know what is so goddamn important that I have to drive up from Texas and why can’t Hawk handle this,” Sid asks loudly as we are walking to vehicles with family in tow. I calmly walk Justin to the front of our group and Sid barely recognizes his own features on his son. “Sid this is Justin, I found him and he’s here to get to know his dad. You mind taking him off my hands for a couple months,” I ask letting the two meet for the first time in maybe six years. It’s a tense and happy moment as they start to reconnect and Hawk has something for me as I’m handed back my leather jacket with a giant back patch on it. It takes me a moment to read the patch; it’s a giant shield with a skull in the middle of the shield wreathed in blue flame and the initials of my wives and my own initials on it. I thank him for my jacket back and walk it over to Kori and have her put it on me. “We need to go home, we have a life to build ladies,” I remark getting big smiles.Years Later Client called about a special job, now my team and I are in a very nice hotel on our way to a room where our caller is waiting. Pretty sure I’m walking into a shit storm but the difference is it’s my shit storm and we’re all dressed in nice suits like good professionals. I knock once on the door and as soon as it opens my team of four and I make our way inside with ‘B’ waiting in the hall while ‘I’ get’s the door behind us. Trashed hotel room but the pale body on the bed and the frantic twenty one year old with the shambles for a designer suit tells me more, I motion for ‘K’ to check him out and she does sitting him down and giving him the medical once over. “Sir he has a few lacerations from nail marks, that means DNA markers,” K tells me stating facts. “Alright, we’re looking at a full scrub then. I help K get the girl into the bathroom and make sure that we can get this taken care of quickly as we need to be gone in twenty minutes,” I order them and watch as my busy bees go to work. I take a seat in a chair facing the guy; he’s much younger than me and supposed to be focusing on his studies. Now we have a body in a bed with DNA evidence and he’s going over a lot of questions that I don’t want to answer, mostly who and how. I answer by giving him a good shake which shuts him up. “You’re Adam Cartwright, twenty one, currently attending University of Chicago on his parent’s dime,” I state informing him that I know more about him than he would think,” Now here we are cleaning up another of your messes so explain to me why you called me and not Daddy?” “Dad would kill me, he’s in the Sen….,” He starts but I cut him off. “I know who he is but that doesn’t tell me why,” I state firmly. “I can’t go to jail for this, I can’t it’ll ruin me if this gets out,” he stammers afraid. “And what about the girl, what about her ruined future,” I ask and he sobs a little,” Adam we are coming to an understanding because as of right now your ass belongs to me. I am taking care of your problem and this will disappear but I have enough that all I do is make one call and your life ends. Do you understand me so far?” “What do you want,” Adam asks scared. “Right now, nothing. I’m going to get you out of this but I swear to whatever god you choose if you make me come back to clean up your mess or if I find out you made another I will make you disappear like your problem today, now do you ever want to see me again,” I ask and he shakes his head no,” ‘I’ I need you.” “Sir, you called,” ‘I’ asks coming out of the bathroom with a strong chemical smell following him. “Yes, you and ‘B’ need to remove Adam here from the situation quietly and quickly, put him in one of our cars and one of you drive his, deposit him with his parents and make sure he cleans up. If he decides to resist or fight you try not to leave any major damage,” I state to ‘I’ getting a nod. I watch as ‘I’ packs up our charge and I ‘B’ is ready to go as I watch them escort him out and take his car keys. I contact ‘J’ on phone and have him follow them on cameras while we’re fed updates. I note ‘G’ is simply looking around the room confused, it’s her first time out with us and this is more of a ride along for her. “Alright folks, ‘B’ is clear with the car and ‘I’ is clear with the package,” ‘J’ states into my ear piece and I relay to the others. “We’re clear people, wheels up and let’s get moving,” I state as Katy and Wilma, yes the psycho from a few years earlier, exit the bathroom with Wilma dressed,” Ladies are we alright?” “Yeah, that knock out drug really fucks me up but ‘K’ being here really helps,” Wilma says giving Katy a hug. “Hey you do the dead thing better than most,” Katy giggles and we check the room before exiting for the elevator and I pass the maid on the way out handing her a twenty and pointing out ‘our’ room for immediate cleaning. We’re in the car with Katy driving and heading down the road to the airport with no problems, it was a clean operation and I’m waiting for our client call which finally comes as we’re almost on the plane. “Senator Cartwright, I’m guessing you got my package this morning,” I state into my earpiece,” The line is secure so you can speak freely.” “He’s here, you did a number on him but I think this might actually work. Now about that bonus you spoke about, I’ll make sure Senator Delauter is brought into the fold and help some of his ideas are pushed forward like you asked. He’s very grass roots but he’s got popularity so this can be good all around,” the Senator tells me and I smile. “Well when he gave you my number and we spoke I told you I fix problems and considering the five figures you paid for this I’m just hoping we don’t have to plan a follow up,” I tell him as I step into the terminal. “Let’s hope it never comes to that for my son’s sake,” the Senator jokes before hanging up. “Jun are we golden,” I ask as he’s been listening in. “We’re paid with a bonus Guy, dividing up funds now and thanks for bringing me back in on this one,” Jun tells me over the phone. “I needed the best and you need to furnish that baby room,” I joke and we end the call laughing. I spent three years living in problems and discovered I had one talent above all others, I solve problems. My business is the business of fixing people’s lives. A Senator needs his son to stop screwing up his life with drugs and partying, we put a dead body with DNA in a bed and scare him out of the life. A spouse is being screwed in a divorce by a cheater, we ruin the cheating relationship. My problems now consist of remembering to stop by the store for milk and bringing back a trinket for the kids. Katy and I are sitting on the plane flying back and she can see how tired I am. “Something wrong baby,” Katy asks cuddling up. “I don’t like being away from home as much as I have been,” I tell her and she smiles. “Well then I say you recruit and train a new field leader,” Katy says with a smile. “That’s great you two but lil brother if you wanted me to understand your job I still don’t get it,” Gwen says moving funny in her suit,” And this thing feels tight.” Recruiting, right because that always works, I do however start ping Jun as soon as we land so that he can put something together so that I’m getting intelligent people and not blaring my business to the world. My life now…. a hell of a lot better than it started and now it’s time to remake someone in my image.


Bohemia Interactive的创始人兼CEOMarek Španěl随后说道:“之前的引擎我们用了十几年了,考虑到多核CPU已经是PC游戏的常态mm131美女做爽爽爱视频,无论我调整了多少设置,我都无法在《武装突袭3》或旧的《DayZ》mod中获得出色的帧速率。”