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Best WoW Gold Site 2015:

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Guy4game is the Best WoW Gold Site 2015:

The best place to buy wow gold:Guy4game,Ige,Bankofwow,Igxe.Gameusd,6Kgold,Playerauctions,Zyy.

Amount Price Shop
50,000 Gold $ 35.69 Guy4Game
50,000 Gold $ 35.79 IGXE
50,000 Gold $ 42.00 GameUSD
50,000 Gold $ 36.48 MMOXP

Guy4Game has grown from providing products for one game to twenty-one games, and from just selling currency to now selling powerleveling, items and accounts, CD keys and other services as well. Guy4Game continues to expand their MMORPG service without ever halting. Like many of the other MMORPG services we reviewed, Guy4Game includes a list of the games they offer services for on their home page and also includes support features such as live chat and of course account login information.

Overall, this website is user-friendly with one exception. The checkout process can be daunting with so many fields to fill in. You don't have to enter information in all of them, but you have to pick and choose which fields pertain to you and your purchase. Most will find this to be of little concern and will find the overall MMORPG service very easy to use.

You can find the products you need by simply highlighting the game you wish to browse and selecting the service you desire. If you run into any hitches, check out the FAQs section. It's full of valuable information. If you can't find the answer there, Guy4Game offers live support on their website and phone support so you can talk to customer support directly.

For non gold items purchased from them, i.e. power leveling and profession packages, their service was excellent. For gold buying however they have been consistently bad which is why I use other sites for buying gold. They rarely update their site and will only tell you they are out of gold stock After you pay them. Then they want you to keep checking back with them to find out if they have your gold in stock. Really bad service for gold buying. Despite their bad service, their gold prices are often higher than any other site. Fastwowgold is a much more reliable gold buying site imo.

I ordered different products for multiple different games from this company. Each time they delivered the product as described in the time frame outlined. Even in relatively obscure games, they have what they say they have and deliver it quickly.


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